serce energoterapii Kazimierz Lewandowski
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Tajemnicza moc Kazimierza Lewandowskiego
After two years of treatment, a well known professor in allergology told me that my disease could not be cured in Poland., that she was obliged to treat me, but the side effect may turn out to be more serious than the ailment itself, and that , off the record, it could be a good idea to try alternative medicine. Good advice for someone who is does not believe in such methods! So let it be homeopathy. After a year of treatment I heard: " Strange, but after such a long time I still can't choose the medicine that would be right for you. Shall we go on trying? May be some herbs would be it?" A few months of drinking infusions and extracts, there is a slight improvement , but my liver is so swollen that I cannot wear any of my dresses. Biotherapy? I am afraid of it and I do not believe in it. But I decided to try it all the same. But the session with a therapist was a total failure; we spoke different languages, he got angry and I was all blocked. People entered his and some medical doctors' surgeries from the same hall. so we are back at square one.

I suddenly felt a light, a light of some weight and perhaps of some shape, too, which passed through my head and returned to its source. What was the source? I saw someone' s pitch black eyes for an instant, A door banged, the hall was empty. An illusion? And then a sudden blow of the air lifted some sheets of paper lying on a small table. On one of them there was a photo of the stranger who had struck me so. It was Kazimierz Lewandowski.

Tajemnicza moc Kazimierza Lewandowskiego
I made an appointment. There was nothing of a sorcerer or witch doctor about him. He was all logic, but most obviously "different". I felt being painlessly cut into slices: eyes, nose, throat - he was naming . my ill organs for me now - " you have got a whole colony of creatures in your throat, how long have you been suffering from those bouts of infection? But that's not too bad. We shall clean the mess" . " Yeah, sure", I thought, "The strongest antibiotics did not do the trick." "Spine?, A bit crooked but no real trouble", he continued, " Have you had problems with your kidneys? Yes, long ago but there still is a trace of it. Liver? How scared it is of its owner, who treats it so bad. And why?" "I used to live and not to ." "That is why you have that allergy now. .All your digestive tract needs help and has to be dealt with first, allergy will disappear last".

Lewandowski was called a man with x-ray eyes. "May be he is some kind of clairvoyant", I thought, " but still I don" t believe in any cure". Then I suddenly heard: "It does not bother me, suit yourself, feel free not to believe in anything." I threw myself to the couch. The strange-eyed one gently touched my elbow. I had sprained the joint there while training the dog, but it was not painful enough to make me complain "It' s all right now, the elbow won' t trouble you any more." Then he put his hand over my poorer eye. How did he know? When he placed both his hands on my head, I felt my brain changing into a cloud and then dissolving in the air. What is going on? And I heard: "It was strange, I know, it is all over now." I was afraid, but at the same time knew that nothing went wrong. The rest of the session was the transmission of energy. I was sitting facing the therapist and thinking "all right, all right, he cannot pass me something that does not exist." "You are all blocked", he said to me, "but I have reached you. Not bad for the first time". He also advised me to go straight home and keep warm. He added that I might feel ill for a day or two, which meant that the therapy had started. When anxious or uneasy, I may phone him any time, for I am to feel safe.

Tajemnicza moc Kazimierza Lewandowskiego
A few minutes later something really started to happen. A spasm of coughing, breathlessness, and after that my breathing became deep and full. I suddenly felt terribly hungry and rushed home. For the next two days I was tortured by all the pains and discomforts that I had ever experienced before. On the third day the pain subsided but I felt very weak. That lasted for some more days, so the family had to manage all the chores by themselves. After a week I pulled myself together and went to see Mr Lewandowski. He pretends to be sorry: Am I very angry? Not really. I myself wanted hard proof of the existence of something that does not exist. "Things will be improving now, and we will be flying high", he told me.. As far as I am concerned, it was even too high During the second session my sensation was that the therapist took something out of my poor head, as if an invisible cork popped out of a bottle. Mr.L. joked that he saw a small cloud in the shape of a mushroom. "It is gone at last" "What was it?" "Some old muck". My head feels light now and thinking is easy. Unbelievable.

The third session resulted in some nice surprises: my digestive problems and the swellings vanished.. In a few days I got visibly thinner, my old dresses and shoes were a perfect fit again. A girlfriend asks for the address of my holiday resort. I have not had a holiday in three years but I say "Kraków". "Impossible". "Yes, Kraków".

I watch my friends who, scared and in pain but full of curiosity, became Mr. L's patients. A diabetic has the normal sugar level now, a cardiological patient has no heart trouble any more, vein stases have disappeared, after the fifth session a case of severe depression is cured. Mr.L's patients' characters change too, they tend to open , as if they now had courage to leave their shells and show the world their true selves . They seem to shine with inner light. Something extremely important and good is taking place here. Mr.L., himself is rather taciturn about it. He claims that those are the effects of the restoration of physical health. How to explain the fact that while undergoing the treatment people stop smoking or drinking, or eating meat? The therapist says that at an advanced stage of the therapy the patient ceases to be an addict and can do without the things that are not needed to him. Mr. L. usually does not recommend any particular diet - the patient gets to know when to eat what. The mystery of healing is not with the therapist but with us, we ourselves decide whether we wish to get rid of the disease and how fast. No one can be healed against his will. We need the therapist from the moment when, consciously or not, we are ready to cooperate.

Mr.L. regards his patient as a drowning person who needs to be approached gently and brought to the surface.. The energy passed to him must be that of a proper level, then it helps (otherwise it harms). This is struggle for life: First down to the bottom, and then slowly upwards to the surface. The two together. And that is why the patient feels there is a trustworthy guardian at his side. This is the secret of Mr. L.'s method. Some time ago I was listening to him explaining his understanding of cosmos and saying that we are immortal, if only we try hard enough. And then a phone call, from a patient whom doctors told "no chance". "No chance?" was the reply , "but I was just saying .".

Sonia Fiszer
Czwarty Wymiar 3/2000