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Kazimierz Lewandowski is a bioenergotherapist. He receives patients In Warsaw, Lódż, Cracow and Katowice

He healed very many people, some of them from incurable ailments. He is famous for the accuracy of his diagnoses, he is calleda 'the man with x-ray eyes".

I felt being painlessly cut into slices, this is how SD.F., one of his patients recalls her first visit. She was suffering from allergy experienced allergologists could not cure. He was naming the ailing organs for me:"you have a whole colony of creatures in your throat. How long have you been suffering from those bouts of quinsy?" (.) The spine is a bi t crooked, but that is not really serious. Have you had problems with your kidneys? Yes, long ago, but there are some traces left. Liver? How scared it is of its owner who treats it so bad. (.) hence this allergy of yours We will repair other damages first, the digestive tract has to be put into order, practically all your organs call for help. Allergy will be the last to disappear.

Ms S.F. continues; the third session resulted in a nice surprises. The digestive problems vanished, as if at the touch of a magic wand, so did the swellings. In a few days I got thinner and I can wear my old dresses and trousers now. After a few sessions the "incurable" allergy vanished , too, and so did the several year old depression,

Mr L's other patients are also surprised by the accuracy of his diagnoses. For example Grażyna from Warsaw says: I did not tell him , but the therapist himself found out about the ovarian cysts and those in the breast as well as about the advanced neurosis and heart and kidney troubles. He also said that my lymph nodes were enlarged and that I suffered from severe and frequent headaches. All that was l correct. Now, after a series of sessions with Mr L. she has forgotten about most of those . She feels most happy about the disappearance of the cysts. Mr L's "x-ray eyes", accurate diagnosis and energy treatment have helped many people. The letters of thanks on display in his Kraków surgery include the following text: health is priceless: How to express the gratitude for removing the e myoma from my uterus, and cancerous lumps from my breast? My heartfelt thanks to Mr L. for healing and helping me.

Warm thanks to Kazimierz Lewandowski for healing my daughter and the rest of my family. Long lasting ailments go away, good health is restored and there beneficial changes occur in the sphere of psychology, too : one becomes better and more . patient to other people. Kazimierz Lewandowski is self-trained., he did not graduate from any courses or schools. He has worked out his own method of therapy through reading and watching the relevant phenomena and also through contacts with other energotherapists. He lives at Niepołomice, at the edge of a large forest. Perhaps that is where he gets the energy needed for curing other people. He has always felt the need of close contact with nature, and instead of playing with other boys he used to walk alone through woods and meadows, watching various creatures, absorbing the green and admiring the wonders of nature. Since his teens he has been somewhat eccentric, and due to his paranormal abilities was even suspected of mental illness. He could see colored auras around certain people or objects, or foresee things that would take place. Here is how he himself remembers those events: It was some time before I learned it was an aura, telepathy. In my opinion there is much evidence for the existence of the sixth sense" .The phenomena like supersensory perception and telepathy are as real as "everyday" seeing or hearing. The therapists believes that human body is capable of self-defense and self-healing and all it usually needs is just assistance He has learned to . listen to the patient's organism and to bring his own energy in line with that of the other person . He often prescribes herbs, but contrary to other therapists, he hardly ever recommends a particular diet. In his opinion the patient's organism knows best what is needed, what vitamins and minerals should be supplied. His patients are said to spontaneously give up meat or something that is harmful to them, like spirits or cigarettes. The patients also admit changes in their characters and say they become better people. What is the essence of his therapy? Here are his own words: "Come! You will be accurately diagnosed, the source of your disease will be removed, your resistance to illness will be increased, you will learn to avoid disease - and perhaps it will never come back.