serce energoterapii Kazimierz Lewandowski
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Energotherapy is a very special kind of therapy that consists in transmitting energy to the whole organism, starting by replenishing it in the ailing organs and then filling in the energy losses in the rest of the body. To be able to pass energy so precisely, one has to see its wavelengths, that is colors. Seeing the colors enables the therapist to make an accurate diagnosis, which is the basis of effective treatment.

Energotherapy differs from just biotherapy in that in biotherapy the energy is supplied to the whole of the patient's body and when applied locally it is merely symptom-relieving: there is no precise targeting and no close control of the process of passing the energy or of its possible changes..

To make the essence of energotherapy easier to understand and easier to distinguish from other branches of natural medicine, let me -as an illustration - point your attention to some everyday procedures which have nothing to do with medicine. Let us assume that we have a brand new house that has to be furnished and fully equipped. This can be achieved in a number of ways:

1.We order the furniture and the equipment to be delivered to our address and left at the front door. We then have to take all those things inside, put them in their right places and that having been done, to clean the mess ourselves - this would be biotherapy.

2. Our order now is to have all the stuff brought to our address, carried upstairs, put in the right places, and the house cleaned afterwards, may be even with flowerpots nicely arranged, too. In natural medicine this alternative would be energotherapy.

3.Another variant might be having the things delivered unassembled, so that we ourselves put h individual elements of the furniture etc. together. The amount of work we have to do is comparable to the effort made by the organism undergoing herbal treatment.

Choosing method no1, 2 or 3 for having the new house fixed would be a matter of one's finances , willingness to work. or love of comfort.

When we face illness and need cure the organism may be so exhausted that it is unable to make use of the energy being passed to the system as a whole. Then beginning the treatment by supplying the energy directly to the ailing organs is of vital importance, especially that the energy goes straight to the cells of those organs, so that they can start working, at least partly. (This corresponds to the combination of numbers 2 and 3. in the example)

That is why energotherapy supported by herbal sciences results in fast end successful cure.

Kazimierz Lewandowski