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I feel extremely grateful to Mr Lewandowski for healing me. I am recovering from discomforts that have been troubling me for many years. Life is worth living to me again and my psychological condition is much better (I do not weep, old fears have disappeared, I feel much stronger, I can help other people). After a car accident in 1980 I started suffering from all sorts of afflictions, whose source doctors were unable to establish. Everything in me was out of order and I thought I would die. Now the psychological breakdown is over, I am happy to be alive, I am capable of helping my family and friends, my heart is full of joy. I am more understanding and more patient with other people. I love people and the world around me. I drink the herbal infusions that have been prescribed to me by Mr Lewandowski. His personality and supernatural gift brings help and Lord's blessing to those in need and heals their psyche, too, for which I am particularly grateful. No words will express my gratitude. May God preserve him, so that he goes on helping and healing the sick and the unhappy. He is a person of miraculous powers, I wish to thank him once again. Now I know I am alive.

Henryka, Lodz, November 08, 2000

As a result of major surgery in February 1981, when I had the right ovary with a large cyst removed, I decided to see a gynaecologist at least once a year. The ultrasound scan I had in September 1988 revealed a uterine myoma.

Regular check-ups were recommended, and menstrual bleeding became excessive and increasingly painful. Medications did not help. In September 1996, a sudden haemorrhage following a medical examination results in a curettage. All the year 1997 was a nightmare. I had to take a sick-leave every month and spend a few days in bed, trying to ease the discomfort with ice. Excessive bleeding, with large clots. I was weak and depressed. In addition, an examination in October 1997 revealed lumps in the right breast. The verdict was: the uterus and the breast are to be removed. I agreed to an abrasion only, and that done, came home from hospital. Mammography, ultrasound and then biopsy of the breasts showed that the tumours in the left breast were atypic.. but those in the right breast were not altered.. The doctors differed in their opinions on what to do now.

Since February 1998 problems with menstruation returned and, in desperation, I decided to turn to alternative medicine and contact a bioenergotherapist. I happen to get in touch with Mr Lewandowski.

After three sessions, in May 1998, bleeding came back to normal, with just some staining left. The gynaecological examination on June 4 showed that the myoma, now free, had moved down to the cervix, which made an immediate surgery necessary. This took place in the clinic on the next day. The tests made on August 7 1998 showed that the uterus was healthy again, the cancerous little tumours in my left breast disappeared. And the thyroid, treated since 1992, was in a much better condition. Now all the results are good, although I have not been taking Euthyrox 50 since May 1998. As for varicose veins, haemorrhoids, flatulence and constipations - things are coming back to normal now. I am quite sure that the herbal treatment applied alongside the bioenergotherapy have largely contributed to my recovery. I regained my zest for life and, though fifty, feel full of vigour

Cecylia Stasiak, Jaroszowiec, September 15, 1998

I have known Mr Lewandowski for over four years. I was not his patient from the start. I was just accompanying my wife, who was. But one September I was taken to hospital with cerebral infarction. The next morning my wife showed my picture to Mr Lewandowski and asked him for help. He worked on the photo for several seconds and said: I've made contact, things will be fine. As for me, I did not know where I was and what was going on. From what I am told, people were asking me questions and my answers made sense, but I do not remember anything. I am writing now what my wife and children have told me. I asked my wife to bring Mr Lewandowski. The subconscious must have been working, knowing what was best and what help was needed. Mr Lewandowski agreed to come to the hospital. It was probably on my tenth day in hospital.. At a certain moment I saw him standing at my bed and from then on I could see and recognize people. I talked with my wife and children on the next day. After I had been discharged from hospital Mr Lewandowski had some sessions with me. At the routine check-up the doctors were surprised at my fast and full recovery. There were no complications either. I am absolutely sure that it was all due to Mr Lewandoweski's power.

I am fully recovered now and as healthy as a seventy year old man can ever be.

Roman Cander, Kraków

Dear Mr Lewandowski . Your magnanimity is very moving Thank you very much for the present in the form of Patricia's visit. You have made right diagnoses in two cases where medical doctors erred. The first one was my husband Julian, when you told him he had had harmful bacteria in his stomach for thirty years. The tests that followed revealed the presence of H-Pyloris. Your treatment was a success, the pains disappeared. The other case was Patricia. Your diagnosis was; mycosis and staphylococcus aureus. As the treatment is going to be a long and complicated one, she will start in November. We will let you know about the results. We all thank you once again, wish you success and send our warmest greetings. Yours sincerely K.S

Ps. Please, come and see us.

Krysryna, October 21, 2002

Thank you very much for all you did for my Mother. For the hope you gave Her and for the moments of good health. Unfortunately, full recovery required good home conditions. I will not say why Mother did not have enough stamina to fight the illness, because that is not the point. I just wish to thank you for all the good you did to my Mother and thus for me too. .Please receive oocalis acetosella and citrosept as a small gift.You will know best what to do with it, who to give it to. Please pass it on to someone who might need it. Than k you once more. With kindest regards, M.B.

Mira Baranowska, January 8, 2000

The last few years of my life have been filled with stress and anxiety. My husband's tragic death in 1998 was a terrible blow. He was dying three times and I could not believe that doctors were unable to bring him back to life.

In 1980 I had a car accident. The car got into a bad skid and : 1) the haematoma and swellings on my head took about 3 months to heal, 2) bruised knees and toes , esp. on my left foot. The toes of my left foot would not move for years and walking was very difficult, I used a stick and needed help from an assistant. Yet, I always believed that there would be improvement; 3) left knee became immobilized, kneeling became very difficult and extremely painful, due to a lump the size of an egg.. Walking was painful too, and when I was sitting I felt stiffness in the knee and a cramp in the calf. Now my right knee is in perfectly healthy and there is a significant improvement in the condition of my left knee, as well. Compared to what it was like before, the pain that does occasionally appear is very slight. The knee is working correctly, the bump has practically disappeared, and there are no more cramps. According to Mr Lewandowski a damaged nerve had been impairing the work of the muscles and causing most of the discomfort. From 1974 to 1976 I frequently suffered from inflammations in the throat, and so did my daughter. After I had come down with a bout of epidemic flue I started suffering from heart troubles (panting , arrhythmia, I was constantly tired, and so on). Doctors administered antibiotics - in vain. For a long time I kept going down with one infection or another very frequently. The xray test showed that the chronic infections damaged the heart muscle. The drugs prescribed helped a little, but I still got tired very easily, especially when the weather was changing, and heavy panting and arrhythmia continued. In 1981 the diagnosis was; cardiac hypoxia. It was a direct result of the 1980 car accident, of the anxiety and fears that tormented me since then. I felt reluctant to cross the street on the pedestrian crossing for fear of another accident, my sleep was short and troubled with fearful visions. Cardiological verdict was that in the years 1983 to 1990 I was a case of cardiac neurosity.

I had a very stressful job and , in order to improve the financial condition of our family, in 1970 I started to study economy at the university. This brought about a lot of misunderstanding and quarrels between my husband and myself. I frequently suffered from conjunctivitis, was treated for glaucoma and in 1995 had a haemorrhage in my left eye. I was also suffering from the "dry eye" syndrome. Computer examination revealed 15 -20 percent loss in sight.

Since February 2000, however, mu sight has improved, I have just been wearing glasses but not taking any antibiotics.

Mr Lewandowski's treatment has brought my breathing back to normal, restored my hearing, cured my sinus trouble .(He noticed a posttraumatic blood clot in my right sinus). He also healed my spine (cervical and lumbar) badly injured during the accident. I owe very much to the good energy transmitted to me through Mr Lewandowski's hands and to the herbs he prescribed me.


Dear Mr Lewandowski,

I am writing this email to thank you for healing me. Your beneficial powers can be appreciated fully by those who are suffering from a serious disease. Thanks to you diseases can be overcome, and you offer diagnosis immediately followed by effective treatments, without tedious examinations in a doctor's surgery or hospital.

The hope drawn from the testimonials of the patients you healed, from the impressions of various people you helped and from other materials concerning your activity is not to be overestimated.

Now I myself would like to say a few things about the illness and the effect of treatment offered to my 60 year old mother suffering from a malignant growth on her thyroid since spring this year. The tumor appeared suddenly and grew so fast that in a month, needed to have all necessary tests done, it was almost too late to operate. One of the best surgeons in Kraków agreed to take the risk. The operation was a success, but as soon as the wound healed, that is a month later, another growth appeared and grew even faster , this time it was the lymph nodes on the neck. Specialists could neither establish the reason or nor find the cure. A healthy person can hardly imagine what the patient and his relatives are going through and how precious hope becomes.

When six weeks after the operation Mother came to see Mr Lewandowski the new growth was 10 cm in diameter and she was supposed to start her radio- and chemotherapy in a few days' time. Mr Lewandowski "x- rayed" Mother with his penetrating eyes and in an instant pointed out the altered placed and ill organs. In a few minutes not only the diagnosis was made, but the source of the disease and the proper treatment were established. "The culprit" was the disturbed metabolism, kidney and liver problems and subsequent "general mycosis". The goal now was to clean the organism and to make the afflicted organs work again. The means were frequent sessions of transmitting the energy and the daily intakes of prescribed herbal infusions. .The above were applied alongside the chemotherapy, usually an ordeal to the patient, but supported by energotherapy the organism tolerated it much better.

Mother went to see Mr Lewandowski for the first time five months ago. By now the growth on her neck has disappeared and the medical doctors are glad to notice that the illness is withdrawing.. The 12 cm lymph nodes have decreased to the size of 3 cm, and I do believe that the next tomography, due in two weeks from now, will confirm the recovery. The rest of my family and a number of friends are being treated by Mr Lewandowski now and they all enjoy the beneficial effects of the therapy he applies.

To sum up I would like to quote what a fan said to express her gratitude to one of our eminent actors for what he gives people: thank you for being here. I am taking the liberty of repeating these words to you, Mr Lewandowski: thank you for being here.

Jerzy, Kraków