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We can bear much for some time, but for some time only. I decided to turn to alternative medicine after the doctor told me:

"Until the pain in your kidneys becomes acute, we are not going to intervene, even if it is due to a deposit or cyst. The swellings can be reduced by means of more and more powerful drugs". The basic tests did not reveal any irregularities, but

I felt terribly ill. The bladder infection, muffled with drugs, lasted for weeks. The same refers to a prolonged lung infection which made me pant before I climbed the stairs to the first floor. I had to get used to chronic sore throat and blocked. sinuses . Getting out of bed in the morning became a torture. While at work, I only thought about going to bed again.

At home I "rested", ie. was lying in bed all the time. I felt too weak to hold a newspaper in my hands , to watch tv or even to turn in bed. My husband was doing all the housework . I was increasingly indifferent to what was going on around me or what was happening to me. I just wanted to get rid of that terrible tiredness, to breathe freely, to be able to sleep, not to feel the pain in my muscles and joints, not to have my belly bloated so. Medical tests revealed nothing. The doctors kept prescribing drugs at random and in vain. One night I heard about a periodical called The Fourth Dimension (Czwarty Wymiar). I started buying it, read it with pleasure, but did not have strength enough to actually see any of any of the energotherapists. Going to Warsaw was such an effort. I postponed the decision for months , until in the March issue of 2000 I read an article

"The Mysterious Power of Kazimierz Lewandowski". I immediately made an appointment and have never regretted it.

The first session took place on March 29, 2000. Mr Lewandowski looked at me for a moment and said; all your organs are infested with bacteria and there are fungi, too". I had known about the staphylococcus since 1980. Neither the antibiotics nor the autovaccine managed to destroy it. The sessions were every two weeks, my husband was accompanying me. After the first one I stopped eating. For three days swallowing seemed a nonsense and too difficult to do. I could drink and did drink the herbal infusions without any trouble. On the fourth day I woke up hungry. Thirty kilos overweight, I regretted that the fasting did not last longer. At first I had to get used to four glasses of herbs per day, in addition to other liquids. Until then I had been drinking too little and that probably was the cause of my kidney trouble. At a later stage of the treatment I was supposed to drink as many as 14 glasses of herbs . (My husband's lot was 6 glasses at the most). On the days of the sessions I was a little stronger, but later the helplessness returned . The second and the third day after the visit were the worst. The blunt pain in my back on those days turned out to be the effect of the deposits leaving my kidneys - in the urine which was quite brown.

Years before, the presence of oxalate deposits in my kidneys was suspected, but no tests available showed them. However, my face , hands, calves and feet were swollen, the belly grew larger and larger, blood pressure increased. Mr K.L. did not say my kidneys were fine, but he did not try to scare me either. "We will get rid of those deposits", he promised and warned me that that oxalates did not dissolve easily.

Maria Paśnikowska, Drwalew, 25 November 2004

The third month of treatment ( June 2000)

Mr K,L. explained that the organism will manage the stone in the cyst in my right kidney. He was right. In a week the cyst burst and the contents was removed with the urine. I was taking the infusion made from birch fungi, not too tasty, but it did not bother me at first. Not until the third month. Mr. L. had a look at my liver and said that the organism did not like the drink, probably because it was not needed any more.

The fourth month of treatment (July 2000)

I went to a sanatorium. Travelling, new environment, changes in the weather, etc. affected me very badly,. Pains in muscles and joints troubled me all the time, particularly at night. I could not sleep until the morning, every position was painful. The world seemed unreal, my muscles must have shrunk and did not want to stretch during walking. After five days the discomfort gradually subsided except for the rheumatic pains. This description is not very exciting, but it is meant to show that the treatment can be lengthy and is not easy at all - it requires patience and perseverance, especially when the ailments have been accumulating for years.

The fifth month of treatment (August 2000)

I start feeling the taste of food. Bitterness and bad smell from the mouth appear only after I have not drunk for some hours or after a heavy meal. What a relief!

The fifth month of treatment (August 2000, cont.)

Mr L.K warned me: " strange things may be happening now". And they did. I will mention some: - For no apparent reason I felt a flash of pain in the outer edge of my palm. Having spread to the rest of the hand it slowly disappeared. - Once, after a few moments of itching under my knee, I saw the flesh there being sort of pulled inside , forming as small throbbing funnel about 1 cm in diameter. - The skin on my head started to shrink at various places, but after a few moments the cramp subsided gently and then disappeared. Such sensations appeared several times and with varying strength, but they were usually milder than when I experienced them for the first time.

The sixth month of treatment ( September 2000)

Time to start wearing warmer shoes, which I was unwilling do, because my feet were swollen so. But it turned out that the old tight shoes were not too small any more and felt quite comfortable; the upper sides of my feet were still swollen, but the bumps on my soles had disappeared.

The seventh month of treatment (October 2000)

Mr K.L .advised my husband to rinse his nose with herbal preparations, because of a slight toothache in his upper jaw. My husband was reluctant to do so and soon gave it up. Still, one day the swelling on his gum broke, releasing badly smelling thick substance. The other sinus cleared later and less dramatically.

The ninth month of treatment ( December 2000)

Something unexpected but very nice happened: when I was drying myself after a bath, I noticed dry scabs that were remnants of chronic rash that had been covering my whole back for a very long time and I could not get rid of it. The dermatologist had shrugged his shoulders saying that the thing was not malignant and hopefully would stay that way, so why bother. .

The scabs fell off in a week, leaving no trace at all.

The tenth month of treatment (January 2001)

Lung infections are less frequent now ( 2 or 3 month breaks between the bouts). Mr K.L. recommended cupping every week for 6 weeks

The eleventh month of treatment ( February 2001)

The cupping was a success. Mr K.L. said that there were no large infection focuses caused by staphylococcus any more. But I am coughing again , and quite severely . I am told it is the fungi that are flourishing in my lungs now.

The twelfth month of treatment (March 2001)

The lung infection goes on. During the he session I get charged with the energy again and am told that things should go well now. My fungus is aspergillus , and the only thing to do is to get immune to it. When browsing through the documentation I received when discharged from hospital, I find a note admitting the presence of a fungus in the lungs. No treatment was suggested to me then.

After a year of treatment (April 2001)

My husband suddenly got itching rash on his neck. After just a week the pimples form a large stain the width of the neck. The skin peels off, is thick and dark red. He applies the herbal decoction . After two weeks the rash starts to disappear ,In that way the harmful deposits were removed from his spine.

The changes on my skin are of two kinds. One takes the form of streaks ,that look as if I had been scratched with the fingers of one hand. The stripes are 2 - 3 mm wide and 2 - 10 cm long and they disappear after a few hours. The other kind resembles scratches made with a pin. They are lines of minute scabs forming lines that are 0.5 - 7 cm long. Those take some months to heal.

One year and 7 months of treatment (October 2002)

Mr K.L. suddenly asked me about my rheumatism and I realized there had been just one episode (a pain and swelling in my left knee) which lasted for two weeks.

Two years and 2 months of treatment (May 2002)

A small soft lump appeared in my left groin, but I am not scared. It disappeared. Then the varicose vein in my thigh started to give me pain. Two days later, while walking along the street I felt something like a cherry stone moving along the blood vessel down to the shin where the varix disappears among the muscles. I soon noticed two small infection focuses at the ankle.

After two years and 10 months

Hands are not swollen any more, the knees are thinner, the hard lump in my left knee-cap disappeared ( the one in the right knee not yet), ankles are not swollen, I can move my feet freely and easily and not be afraid of uneven sidewalks, I have even started to consider (so far just consider) buying myself high heeled shoes.

Two years and 3 months of treatment (June 2002)

Mr K.L. suggested fasting . At first the regimen seemed too drastic : to eat nothing at all for three weeks, to drink nothing for one week! I was getting used to the idea for 3 months by eating less and less meat and sweets. Then I started training for the real fasting by not eating anything once a week. Mr L. comforted me by saying that I would manage. I could not disappoint him.

The first day without drinking coincided with an infection , which made the new situation more uncomfortable. After two days a severe headache disappeared and I started to get used to feeling thirsty. I was so week that going out shopping or even preparing a meal was quite an achievement. I did not feel like eating, but my sense of smell became sharper and now the smell of food was almost as pleasant as eating was before. I slept very little, 4 hours at the most. Despite feeling very weak indeed, I tried to take three walks per day, although my feet seemed glued to the ground. At such moments I was to ask Mr K. mentally for more energy, he had my picture and helped me. Towards the end of the week my kidneys started to hurt. Horsetail cataplasms alleviated the discomfort. The next week the urine was cloudy and when the glass dish was emptied, there were tiny crystals left on its walls. - In the second week, when I already could drink, I felt much stronger, slept more and took much longer walks (up to an hour and a half). - During the third week I drank juices and felt quite well. I went to a sanatorium, took part in all the activities and managed to keep my fasting a secret. I lost 10 kilos, but as soon as I started eating a little I started gaining weight again. In order to stop that I intended to fast once a week, but Mr L. discouraged me from that by saying that the organism had to be restored to health first, which would take more or less three months. All in all I lost two kilos only, but that is better that nothing. - My skin, at first yellow, dry and loose, became softer and firmer. The flesh feels more solid. I did not expect any miraculous rejuvenation, but I do feel twenty years younger now. Mr L. congratulated me on the success; I was the only person to have managed to fast throughout the three weeks.

Those who would like to try the regimen (full or its milder version) need at least 2, may be even 4, weeks for themselves.

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